Our Story

YouCanFreeUs India is a social response to the huge problem of modern slavery in India. The Global Slavery Index indicates that on any given day in 2016, there were nearly eight million people living in modern slavery in India. Whenever there is an evil of this magnitude, good people always emerge to fight for good. YouCanFreeUs is such a response from a dedicated team of staff including social workers, counsellors, therapists, skilled trainers and house moms. Our team also includes socially conscious citizens of Mumbai who serve in roles of leadership as ambassadors, partners and donors who believe in the mission of YouCanFreeUs India.

YouCanFreeUs India works locally in Mumbai by rescuing victims out of slavery and commercial sexual exploitation from the red-light districts of Maharashtra, providing them with psychosocial care and holistic healing, while also helping them to re-enter society. We also provide their children with residential care and education.

Since 2019, YouCanFreeUs has had a dedicated team fighting child labour. Our network of informers, operatives and rescue team members have been successfully rescuing children who fit the criteria of those forced into child labour or are being exploited.

Our prevention strategies include awareness campaigns through fashion, art and sports, and educational workshops in schools, corporations and prisons. In 2019 we developed LIBERTAS, a catalytic educational tool delivering innovative ways to fight modern slavery.

The call of our times is to create an ecosystem where government,
non-profits & businesses can come together to create a concerted fight against slavery.

Our Vision

Lessons from world history often make us gasp, cringe and reflect. We wonder why it took so long to end the transatlantic slave trade; we question why Hitler was not stopped soon enough when he considered people who did not come from his pedigree as “Untermenschen,” or subhumans, and killed them mercilessly. We cannot change history, but we can learn from it to take action to end this depravity. Modern slavery is one of the greatest evils of our time, and our pursuit to end slavery must be relentless. Join us in this fight.

Our vision is to bring freedom, hope, and restoration to victims of modern slavery and to make India slavery-free.

Our Team

Sujo John, Founder

Sujo is an inspirational speaker who speaks globally. He was launched into an international speaking career following the tragic attacks of September 11, 2001. Media from all over the world has taken interest in his story; Sujo has appeared and been featured in the BBC, CBC, Associated Press, The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Times- London, National Geographic, The National Post and countless other publications from around the globe. Taking his story of hope around the world, Sujo John has spoken to hundreds of thousands of people in festivals, universities, public schools, sporting events, Fortune 500 companies and community events in over 600 cities across North America, South America, Europe, Asia and Africa. He is passionate about seeing the evil of modern slavery end and believes there is a call on his life to be a catalyst for a culture of justice established in our world. In 2010 he founded YouCanFreeUs, an international humanitarian organization fighting modern slavery around the world through advocacy, rescue and rehabilitation. His fight against modern slavery has encouraged a network of global leaders to raise its voice against this evil of our times. YouCanFreeUs presently operates safe houses, training centers and strategic intervention hubs in the USA, Canada, UK, India and Norway where it is registered as a non-profit.

Manmeet Arora, Board Member

Manmeet Arora is an innovative interior designer with an entrepreneurial spirit who is based in Mumbai. After her studies in design school in Mumbai, she honed her skills working with reputed design firms before setting up her own studio in 2010 – Left of Centre. Her passion is to use her creative freedom to curate spaces that reflect the needs and the personality of her clients. In 2018, Manmeet expanded her business horizons by venturing into the food and beverage industry and becoming a partner in a cafe called ‘The Daily All Day’ in Pune, Maharashtra. The abuse faced by women and children has always been a compelling issue for Manmeet. In working with YouCanFreeUs, she believes she can help these women overcome the horrors they have faced as victims of oppression to the most horrific evil – modern slavery. She is also focused on generating awareness of their situation, which she believes to be the ultimate tool for change.

Priyanka Kriplani, Hon. Board Member

Priyanka was raised in Mumbai, India. She attended Carleton College in Minnesota, USA where she graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science (International Relations) and two minors in Cinema & Media Studies and French & Francophone Studies. She was also selected to give the Commencement Speech at her Graduation. She moved back to India and joined her family export business for a short stint. She simultaneously went on to complete a Masters in Business Law from the National Law School of India University in Bangalore, India. Priyanka is currently the Country Head for India of a French trading house, CIPA SAS located in Mumbai, India. She also serves in various capacities on different Non-Profits such as Habitat for Humanity India (Women’s India Build) and the Terry Fox Foundation that raises money for cancer research amongst children.

Priyanka loves to travel, enjoys collecting antiques from different parts of the world and is always ready for a new business idea. She is a runner, a food enthusiast and a dog lover. She speaks English, Hindi and French.

Nandini Singh, Global Ambassador

The daughter of celebrated interior designer and art collector Kavita Singh and industrialist Jasjit Singh. She worked in the field of art and design with her mother for several years before following her true calling in community work. Today, she leads the ACG Cares Foundation as director of CSR, as well as serving on the Advisory Board of Gateway School of Mumbai. Nandini is passionate about people and the environment and is committed to being an influencer for social change in our communities.

Tanvir Singh, Board member

Tanvir Singh is a professional actor and entrepreneur. He has worked in the Bollywood film industry for the past nine years working in films, television shows, ad films and digital content. His business interests are in real estate development and is currently developing residential living spaces bringing premier luxe-design and amenity-rich living within reach. Tanvir is passionate to be a voice for women-empowerment. He has been associated with YouCanFreeUs for the last several years and strongly feels YouCanFreeUs has the platform and mandate to see modern slavery end in India.

Ghalaza Moloobhoy, Ambassador

As a fourth generation Moloobhoy, Ghazalah works for her 115 year old family business in the marine fraternity. Based out of India, the UAE and Oman, Ghazalah has worked under the tutelage of her mother, Nafeesa
Moloobhoy, and had been responsible for expanding the family business in the GCC. Ghazalah has always been extremely vocal and passionate about fighting against sexual atrocities and injustices committed against women and children. She is also an avid supporter of Children of The World (India) Trust, a nonprofit that rehabilitates abandoned and orphaned children.

Since 2014, we have rescued 143 victims of sex trafficking,
and since 2019, we have rescued 24 children from forced labour.

Our Impact

April 2014: Opening of our first safe house in India

July 2014: Opening of our first training centre for beneficiaries

May 2016: Opening of our second safe house in India

June 2018: Opening of our third safe house in India

December 2018: Opening of our second training centre

March 2019: Launched our
Anti-Child Labour Division

August 2019: Hosted Night for Freedom, a charity fundraising dinner event

September 2019: Launched Libertas, a prevention curriculum for youth